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Solo Duo is the new thing. It gives you twice the benefits, opportunies, books, brainpower…well, just take practically everything and multiply it by two. That’s why Tiffany and Alyana decided to team up one day and create a book blog. And from there, Read, Breathe, Read was born.

If you’re some creepy stalker, get off this page! But, if you are an innocent, friendly person who just happened to stumble upon our blog, read on!


Tiffany is a Chinese blogger living in the Philippines. Currently, she spends her time going to school, playing the piano, attending extra math classes, reading, writing, and of course, blogging. While Tiffany dislikes sports, she excels in Math, leaving the average student in the dust as she breezes through simultaneous equations as though she were folding a piece of paper in half. Another rather interesting trait about her are how her fingers are nearly four inches—yes, four inches—in length due to extensive piano lessons. If you want to catch Tiff, just go online, where you would normally see her tweeting about her favorite authors, books and fictional characters.

If you come across a dark-haired Chinese girl with equally the same shade of eyes, claiming that she’s taller than this person named “Alyana” and bangs her fist repeatedly on the table while she laughs, then that’s Tiffany. Going by Tiffany or Tiff—she’s fine with any, really—she’s an avid reader, and recently found out that anime is rather addicting. Diagnosed with fanta-phobia, you would normally see her fan-girling with her friends about several fictional characters, or—ahem—looking at…relatively disturbing pictures on the internet.

For some odd reason, she always manages to get herself sick with some serious disease at least once a year, and believes that she is cursed to fall ill on her birthday for the rest of her life. Probably, as Alyana says, because she practically lives on an estimate of two cups of water a day. However, much to her co-blogger’s dismay, Tiffany never listens to her lectures about drinking more water.

Though she will forever be in denial about this, Tiffany is extremely skillful at Math, especially when it comes to Algebra. She can breeze through numbers one to ten five times faster than the average person, leaving her poor seatmate trying to catch up and feeling quite insecure. And the answers are practically never, ever wrong. Bam! Insecurity heightens by a hundred percent.

One can usually find her belly-flopped on her bed, surrounded by pillows that she named after food (E.g. Porkchop) when she was younger. (Tiffany’s extremely touchy about that topic, and whenever it is brought up, she gets very defensive.) Friendly, and totally not the shy person that people first make her out to be, give her some junk food (She’s never eaten cup noodles. Quite a sad childhood, as Alyana loves to remind her.) and some herbed ciabatta and you will instantly become best friends.


Alyana is an avid reader, book lover, and YA book blogger of Chinese descent currently living in the Philippines. Some of her obsessions include Starbucks frappucinos, junk food, YA novels, romance, and her studies. You will most probably see her constantly checking her phone, laptop, iPad, or with a paperback in hand. Though on the outside, she looks like a sweet, innocent, honest-to-goodness girl, she has a crazy, fun personality on the inside. Her co-blogger advises no one to ever cross her since she has a ‘silently dangerous’ aspect to her. But get on her good side, and you’ll have a friend to rant to, fangirl, and just to talk to about any random thing.

If you met Alyana 3 years ago, your conversation would go like this:
You: Hi! OMG, did you hear about this super-hot character..blah, blah
Her: Pardon? I couldn’t quite catch that. *smiles*
You: Um, never mind.
Her: The weather is looking mighty fine today, aye?

Now, crazy, wild, hyperactive, long neck, mango-shaped face, and sarcastic are all adjectives to describe Alyana. Though nothing about her seems intimidating or scary at all, you should know that her outer appearance is a ruse. Be afraid, because once you get to know the real her, you’ll know who she really is.

Alyana is a certified crammer, but responsible at the same time—a walking oxymoron. People think she studies up until the wee hours of the morning when she is actually having movie marathons and surfing the net. Her lack of sleep is very irritating to her co-blogger, since Alyana always appears to look distressed and harassed as a result of her irresponsible actions. Also, when she starts to panic, especially in tests, the sounds that come from her scribbles and scratches on the paper from her pen get louder and louder until they distract every single person around her.

Alyana is also the reason why someone would get fat. Seriously. Invite her to your house and she will bring a paper bag of all the junk food in the world. You wouldn’t know this, though, because she is thin as a board, yet oddly huggable at the same time.

Want to be her friend or talk to her? Beware, she comes with a warning sign.

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  1. Libertad Araceli Thomas

    Passing through to say hi!I’m a new follower who found you by FF blog hop and hope I can see you back at my blog or blogs =)




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