Giveaway Policy

All giveaways at Read, Breathe, Read are sponsored and paid for by Alyana and Tiffany unless otherwise specified. Examples include blog tours and author spotlights where publishers or authors  pay for the prizes and shipping themselves.

Whenever we hold our own giveaways, we have a regular policy and strict set of rules for all entrants. Other terms and conditions will be specified in the post itself.

1) You must be 13 years or older to enter, with a parent or legal guardian’s permission.

2) Winners will be chosen at random using rafflecopter or except in special cases.

3) Prizes will be forfeited if the winner doesn’t reply within the 48-hour grace period.

4) All our giveaways are international except when we specify it otherwise.

5) We are not responsible for losses and shipping damages, nor are we held liable for extra costs.

6) We do not save or release any personal information (shipping addresses, email addresses, etc.)  since we only use these for shipping purposes and other technicalities.


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