Thanks for stopping by our blog and taking an interest in our reviews. If you’re interested in letting us review your novel, here are a few things you should take note of:

1) GENRE: As a YA blog, we mainly review anything that falls under the Young Adult genre. This includes categories such as paranormal, contemporary, dystopian, and more. However, we are also open to reading books outside the YA genre (E.g. New Adult), so you are welcome to send a request as well if your novel is classified as such.

2) WHO: Anyone is welcome, whether you are a debut or indie author or starting your tenth series.

3) FORMAT: We are open to almost any format, but just to make sure, please inform us what you’re planning to send us in your request. The formats that we do accept are: Hardbacks, Paperbacks, E-books (Compatible for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac) and ARCs. (Note: We both live in the Philippines, so shipping may be a problem for you. However, reviews will be posted up faster when we receive hard copies versus E-books, since we won’t always have the time to read on our laptops or e-readers.)

4) TIME: Please give us seven days to consider your review request. We will reply to your email after that. However, we realize that there are times wherein technicalities occur, so if we do not reply to your email during the given time period, please do send another one our way.

5) POLICY: Every single one of our reviews will always be 100% honest, as we believe firmly that each and every author deserves an honest review for their book, as it is something that they have worked hard on. The review shall contain the following: 

- Synopsis of the book
- The publisher
- The date published
- Cover art of the book
- Number of pages
- Links to Goodreads and Amazon
- Anything else specified/requested

It will be posted on this blog and Goodreads as well, unless otherwise specified. In the unlikely event that we do not finish your novel, we usually prefer not to write a review, but we will let you know when this happens as soon as possible. Lastly, your book will be keep confidential; it will not be shared to anyone else.

6) CONTACT: There are several ways on how you can reach us. You can make use of the contact form found on this blog, which can be found after clicking on the ‘contact’ page. After you fill it out, it will send your request to the blog’s official email. Another way to reach us is to simply emailing us at readbreatheread@gmail.com. Lastly, if you want to make sure that we received your request, tweet us at: Tiffany: @readbreatheread or Alyana: @AlyanaLaddaran.



All giveaways at Read, Breathe, Read are sponsored and paid for by Alyana and Tiffany unless otherwise specified. Examples include blog tours and author spotlights where publishers or authors  pay for the prizes and shipping themselves.

Whenever we hold our own giveaways, we have a regular policy and strict set of rules for all entrants. Other terms and conditions will be specified in the post itself.

1) You must be 13 years or older to enter, with a parent or legal guardian’s permission.

2) Winners will be chosen at random using rafflecopter or random.org except in special cases.

3) Prizes will be forfeited if the winner doesn’t reply within the 72-hour grace period.

4) All our giveaways are international except when we specify it otherwise.

5) We are not responsible for losses and shipping damages, nor are we held liable for extra costs.

6) We do not save or release any personal information (shipping addresses, email addresses, etc.)  since we only use these for shipping purposes and other technicalities.


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