Rating System


5 STAR – The book was AWESOME. Go and buy this book now, you won’t regret it. Definitely recommended.


4 STAR – The book was REALLY GOOD. A little flaws here and there, but still very much worth reading. Recommended.


3 STAR – MEH. Still worth reading, but it wouldn’t be on top of my TBR pile. Wait for the paperback edition. Recommended, but read other books first.


2 STAR – This book was BAD. It lacked a lot of things, but a reread might change my mind. Maybe. Not recommended.


1 STAR – …Very, VERY bad. Definitely not worth buying. How and why was it published?! Read at your own risk.

* Sometimes, we give half ratings as well.
** Click on the ratings to view reviews with that rating.

Half ratings can be found here:

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