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Calling all Fey: The Clash between Summer and Winter

Julie Kagawa has this awesome Halloween photo contest HERE.
Basically, you have to dress up as a faery.
Simple, yes?
We just suck at dressing up and taking photos.
It wasn’t an easy feat.

After hours of ransacking closets, fooling around, scrounging around for props, taking tons of wacky photos, dropping precious books on the floor, trying (and failing) to edit *cough* eating, more fooling around, taking photos, and downloading random apps to help, we came up with this.

It’s technically a symbolism, but we think it’s just our own crazy creative minds who understood it. (We kid, we kid)

In the picture is Aes (left) and Filone, (right) fierce Iron fey, roughing through the night with their trusty glamour, and of course, laptops and books. (I mean, even fey can’t survive without that) ;) (Aes and Filone translate into metal and current in Italian, heh. I couldn’t think of anything else. It has great symbolism)

The sword plunging into water (or as we call it, summer and winter glamour merged together) is the ‘clash between summer and winter,’ and unknown and marvelous new power rising up from the two traditional fey. It symbolizes the strength of the Iron Fey–solid and unwavering.

Aes and Filone are technology experts, *cough, cough* though in the midst of a great hurricane, they have to resort to their Iron glamour to light the way. (literally) HAHA.
Thank you for the cool contest, Julie! We were supposed to be summer and winter, but there really was a hurricane and our backdrop was ruined. Our plans were destroyed!! Iron fey are cooler anyway.

Why (I Love Ironhorse) From The Iron Fey Series

Why (I Love Ironhorse) From The Iron Fey Series

First of all, Julie, thank you for this awesome contest! Shiny, new copies of the Iron Legends…so tempting…O.O
Secondly, I’m so sorry it’s quite…long. I got a bit carried away so I made a poem and a fanfic (I wasn’t sure if that was allowed?) plus a chat thingy at the bottom.
Thirdly, I really wish I could draw Ironhorse but I’m a really crappy artist, as evidenced by the picture below…(I wish I could draw, I really do!)
…so I stuck with writing instead.
Thank you again and I hope you enjoy my kind of fail attempt at making a poem (the words in the parentheses are supposed to be put together except for the poem title just in case you didn’t know) :D and my fanfic+chat.
*It’s really hard to recreate (or in this case…write?) Puck’s humor. Just saying. =))
**Oh, and Ironhorse’s story is supposed to be in ALL CAPS but then that would be distracting so….
***Even though Ironhorse died in Iron Daughter, he has been one of my most favorite characters and stuck with me throughout the whole book. This is a tribute to you, Ironhorse! <3 (Or rather, to you, Julie!) =))

A[N] [IRON]horse Like No Other

Smoke billows from a mechanical body,
Eyes erupting in f(lame)s of red
Nuts and bolts creaking and shrieking
His bones exchanged for lead.
(At first) he seemed formidable(,)
(With) (a)n iron heart of b(lack)
But his loyalty was unnoticeably noticeable,
 It was something he did not lack.
First it was to Machina,
The one he vowed his life to,
But when the false king assumed the throne,
He sided with the girl who took one (of) his own.
Suddenly, he was full of (good intentions)
(And) ra(the)r en(dear)ing traits
(One was always speaking in ALL CAPS)
Because he was just unique that way(.)
(But) the best thing about (Ironhorse)
(Is) his undying (loyal)ty(,)
His (willing)ness (to give up everything)
Until his last moment of serenity.
I AM IRONHORSE, and I died saving my friends. I sacrificed myself for Meghan, daughter of Oberon, so that she could finally restore peace in the Nevernever.
 But before I met any of them—Meghan Chase, Prince Ash, Robin Goodfellow—I had a story.
In the beginning, I was nothing.

A cold, hard, scrap of metal.

Empty, dull, lifeless.

But then I had a beating heart—made out of iron, mind you. The bolts, pistons, and gears connected me—formed my limbs, my head, my body—and suddenly, I came into the world.

But I had a hidden purpose as well.

The Iron Realm had been growing for quite some time now, though we managed to stay hidden while we grew stronger and stronger.
Humans depended on technology, and fairy tales were nothing to them—the very things that nurtured and sustained the Summer and Winter Fey were beginning to be less and less depended on, even by little children.
Laptops, TVs, phones, iPods—these were the items people loved, and it helped the Iron Fey evolve into these strong beings that no one ever imagined. We were mutants and freaks—accidents that were made because of the humans.
Suddenly, it seemed like the Iron Fey were even more formidable than the Summer and Winter—who were growing weaker and weaker as the human world evolved and moved on without them.

And I was a big part of their plan.

They made me the lieutenant to the King. I was strong, and most importantly, ruthless. They had no idea that the cold, beating heart inside of me was capable of feeling—capable of loving. I was designed to be a killing machine, hindered by nothing, especially not by the ‘emotions’ that were every living being’s downfall.
And so I did everything they asked me to. I was the perfect servant to them.
But then, when the false king took over the ruler whom I was sworn to, I felt something.

My first real emotion.

Then I met Meghan—full of feelings so foreign to me, and I couldn’t help but feel warmed by her presence. She was so different from the Iron Fey—they were cold, calculating, and cruel.
I felt the need to take care of her, even though she probably didn’t need it. She was strong and powerful—yet she didn’t realize it.
She was like a breath of fresh air.
A warm summer breeze on a cold winter day.




And so I fell—not because of love like the Winter Prince, (though she didn’t know it at that time) but for the need to protect, and love in a whole different kind of way.

And you know the rest of the story.
-Obviously, Ironhorse is loyal. He had no reason whatsoever to go tromping through the wyldwood–or any other place for that matter–with Meghan, even though he did despise the false king. And when he allied with Meghan, he wasn’t simply a guard, or a soldier who often stayed out of the crossfire, hovering between the two teams and changing loyalties when the win goes to the other party; Ironhorse went all out defending the very people (faeries) who his kind was against. He was a protector, but more than that, he became a friend. Because that’s the thing. Even if the Iron Fey was against both the Seelie and Unseelie, he gave his full support to Meghan. You would think that he would side with the false king, even if he hated him, because he was already one of the ranks, but no. He chose by himself; he chose the person he knew he could be loyal to until the end.
And that’s exactly what he did. Even until the few minutes before his *sniff* death, Ironhorse remained loyal. And that’s what’s important.
Me: I just love Ironhorse. He’s so loyal, and brave, and—

Puck: Hey, so am I. *cheeky grin*

Me: Where’d you come from?!

Puck: I can’t reveal all my secrets, now, can I?

Ash: Goodfellow, you are miserably failing at playing the part of humorous, dashing, redheaded faerie. Plus, you’re sounding like Grimalkin.

Meghan: Ash! *scowls* Wait, is this about Ironhorse? I love Ironhorse. I still can’t believe he died sacrificing his life for the greater good.

Puck: Well, I am humorous, dashing, redheaded, and oh look! I’m a faerie too. I don’t need to ‘play the part.’ *smirks*

Me: Yay! Another Ironhorse lover!

Ash and Puck: Why write about Ironhorse when you can write about me? *glares at each other*

Meghan: Ironhorse is twice the men/faeries you are. *sticks tongue out*

Me: I agree.

Ash and Puck: …

Meghan: Aw, it’s okay, Ash. You will forever be my knight.

Ash: I love you, Meghan Chase. Forever and until the end of time.

Puck: Seriously? None of that here, iceboy.

Me:  *melts* Hey, wait. I was talking about Ironhorse! *grumbles* Stupid, distracting, hot faeries….

Puck: You mean me, right?

Me, Meghan, Ash: Oh, shut up.


Me: IRONHORSE!!!! *squeals*


Meghan: I missed you, Ironhorse! Thank goodness you’re not dead in this…virtual chat thing.

Me and Meghan: *give Ironhorse a virtual hug*

Ash and Puck: …girls.

*Aw, Ironhorse. He makes me smile with his way of writing in ALL CAPS and he makes me laugh even though what he’s saying isn’t funny…kind of weird, I know. =))

Entry by: Tiffany B. @readbreatheread 

Graphic made by: me. =)) Hope you enjoyed! :D
I hate horses in real life. Just saying. Ironhorse was the first horse (both in real life and fiction) that appealed to me